About Us


Welcome dear visitor;

Baykan law firm was established by Lawyer Derya BAYKAN in 2009, Ankara and continues its activities here.

Until today, except Ankara we represent people (domestic or foreigner, natural person or legal entity) on two big cities of Turkey, İstanbul and İzmir. Also we worked on countries like Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Republic of Maldives, Kazakhstan, Cechnya with our clients and provide legal adverory services to them in the fields of local law and international law. For a detailed information and to make an appointment you can contact us by our phone numbers or contract adress.

The real purpose of making this website is to inform you. So by the rules of Attorneys act (act no 1136), Turkish Bar association's advertising prohibition regulations and Turkish Bar association's code of practice this website doesn't have any advertising elements.

Our Service Areas

- Contracts on national or international fields
- Commercial cases
- Real estate actions
- Claims for damages
- Law of domestic relations
- Criminal law
- Lawsuits against the administration
- Contracts
- Legal adversory services to domestic and foreign companies
- Lawsuits about executions and bankruptcy law.
- European Court of Human Rights individual application
- The Constitutional Court of individual applications

Our Principles

  1. To give you a good attorney service, we keep our professional activities far from our material benefits and we work for secure the justice right in time and we demonstrate all our skills and knowledge to solve your legal issues.
  2. While we exercising our profession, we stay loyal to local, international laws, ethics and moral principles and we work to get the best result on fastest way possible. We avoid unfair competition.
  3. People are the most important thing in our job. So while we work with our clients we threat them respectfully, equally and kindly. We work with honour for justice. We share our clients problems and for meeting their needs and demands we adopt an scrutinising way and we try to solve the legal issues as soon as possible.
  4. We never forget that deputations is a special relationship between the lawyer and client and it based on trust. And we want from our client not to forget this either.
  5. We care about private informations and confidentiality and we keep them safe. And we protect our clients all secret information about his/her business or private life.
  6. As a result of human relationships there will be many legal disputes in life. And every legal dispute needs a different solution. Our duty is search the similar disputes and find a creative solution to the legal issue. We tell the possible risks to our client clearly.
  7. It is also part of our job to take advices from experienced persons when its needed.
  8. Mutual trust, loyalty and respect is indispensable for us.
  9. If we decide to work together we sign an attorney agreement, we draw the lines of our deputation. And after that we stay loyal to the principles we written and we try every legal way possible to conclude our job.
  10. And when the issue solved and you get your right we understand that we are “succesful”.

With respect

Baykan Attorney at Law